Think I may just start using the date as my post title.  It seems to be the simplest solution for when I have no specific purpose for posting other than to simply get words down on the screen.

Today begins a week of getting stuff done.  We have contractor meetings this week and we will settle on one by Friday.  I have POS items coming from Square so we can let people know how they can pay.  I set prices on all of our products to we can take payments throughout the week when someone tells us they want to buy something.  I have a list of kitchen equipment so we can plan for the correct amount of space we will need in the prep kitchen.  I have the required items for the cafe bar so we know how much space we will need to fit everything.  It appears the only thing left to do is to get the construction underway and start getting equipment ordered; which makes me excited!

I have been having quite a bit of meetings where I let folks know what is happening and what to expect in the future. I am starting to feel like “death by meeting” is slowly happening.  In all reality, there is only so much I can do until construction is complete.  I am a good planner, but I am better at executing.  When I get stifled by too much planning, I start to get fidgety and lose focus on the task at hand.  I have to find a way to build in times to plan and times to execute.  It is the only way to keep me engaged long-term.

Maybe a post soon about S.A.V.E.R.S. and how it is helping me get a jump on the day….

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