My Mission

My mission in life is to connect people together and ultimately to God.  Whether through my professional work or through my Marriage Mentoring, I love meeting new people and building a community with those people

My Story

Born in Upstate NY, I moved to GA when I was 11.  I quickly found myself working in jobs where I met new people daily.  I realized I had a gift for connecting with other people and I have continued working in professions which have allowed me to continue to sharpen that skill.  My longest career so far has been in Law Enforcement.  I carried a badge and a gun for nearly 14 years, including my time as a K-9 Handler in the United States Marine Corps.

After retiring from Law Enforcement (I know I seem too young to have done that), I wanted to learn a new skill so I learned sales.  I realized that wasn't going to be a long term profession for me and started looking elsewhere.  Little did I know that all the years having a side-gig in whole bean coffee would pay off in my next stage of life.

I have had a passion for coffee (and the community around it) since I was 14.  I was hired to work in a local coffee shop and I quickly learned that being a Barista was much like being a bartender.  People trusted you with parts of their lives just because you remembered what they like to drink.  I kept a small side business going for many years selling whole bean coffee just to stay in the loop.

In 2017, I was hired by Oak Leaf Church to start a Coworking and Cafe space in Downtown Canton, GA.  We are still in the process of getting the space where we want it to be, but I come to work every single day with one goal in prove God's love by building community, equipping for collaboration, and serving great coffee.

This blog contains affiliate links.  All that means is if you click a link, I get, at no extra cost to you, some loose change someone scraped out of their couch cushions.  But everyone loves finding change.  🙂

Next Steps...

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