This video is actually the first video I watched when I discovered this series.  It was the video that let me know I was in for a shift in the way I viewed church.  It was the first time I had heard the question “There are times when the Church was just missing it and God says it would be better for you just to not do anything than to do that.”  I think Communion is one of those things where God was VERY clear it is to be done a certain way and even says it’s better for us to not even take part in it if we don’t do it properly.

What exactly does the Bible say about Communion?  Well it says they devoted themselves to it.  It says they went house-to-house to celebrate.  Chan goes on to ask, “Has it ever bothered you that you have never done that?”  This question was the first question that broke me.  My answer was no.  I had never been bothered by that because I never noticed it.  I was too busy trying to burn through my reading for that day.  I was too busy to take that section of the Bible and chew on it for an hour or two.  I had never analyzed those passages and saw what the words actually said.  I was ashamed and broken.

Jesus was basically throwing a party for his last day on earth.  We only look at this as a majestic and holy thing (which it certainly is) but we forget that Jesus was fully human too and he knew he was going to miss his friends.  Is it so far fetched or too sacrilegious to say that Jesus wanted to have one last get-together with his friends before he left?  One last party?

Why do we change the meaning of the word “celebrate” to something done in silence and bowed heads ONLY when it pertains to Communion and funerals?  When we celebrate a wedding, what does it look like?  A graduation? Why does celebrating the Lord’s Supper have to be something somber and sullen.  Yeah, Jesus died…but he didn’t stay dead.  We get all down and out when we think about what Jesus did for us.  Why?  He gave us the greatest gift we could ever ask for.  That is something to be celebrated (like “throw a party” not “celebrate the life of” kind of celebration).

Honestly, it does suck that Jesus had to die.  It is sad.  But we have to understand that Jesus threw a party with his friends before he did that.  When the party was going, he stood up and he started laying out some hard truths to people, but what we are commanded to do is to remember his body and blood WHILE we are at the party.

I believe that is what Acts 2:42 means when it say they devoted themselves to the Lord’s Supper.  They did go everywhere with the intent to celebrate the Lord’s Supper but they celebrated it when they could.  They didn’t celebrate it once a month, once a quarter, or even once a week?  They CELEBRATED it on Monday, Wednesday, and at Thursday night bingo (or whatever the old people gathered to play back then).  They made it a habit of remember the sacrifice of Jesus EVERYWHERE and ANYTIME they could.

Let me leave you with this final question from this series…

When was the last time you celebrated the Lord’s Supper outside of an official church gathering?  Because the Bible is very clear we are supposed to be doing that.

Thank you for coming along on this journey with me.  I hope you find answers…even if you didn’t know you were looking for them.

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