• Why is a person who fear God contrasted with a fool?

Well, it must be because fearing God is the OPPOSITE of being a fool.

  • Is it foolish NOT to fear God?

Yes.  God is all powerful.  He can snuff you out in an instant.  That is something to be feared.

  • Do YOU fear God?


  • Do you experience a disconnect between what you see in the church and what you see in the Bible?

Yes.  I see a big disconnect.  There is very much a nonchalant posture towards God.  You just don’t see people getting on their faces before God anymore.  It’s like a house guest who acts like they are entitled to your stuff.

  • Name some areas of disconnection.

Our posture towards his words.  Our unwillingness to do as he tell us to do.  Our behavior towards others.  Church meeting habits.  Giving habits.  Places where people meet.  The make up of the church.

  • Who are you going to believe?

I’ll take “God” for $1000 Alex.

  • What words come to mind when you think of how God would describe himself?

Just, Holy, Father, Love, Wrathful, Jealous.

  • What words do you use to describe God to others?

Father, Holy, Just, Omniscient, Powerful, Good.

  • Or do you even bother?

I do bother.  As often as I can.

  • Make a list of ways you relate to God.

Awe, Love, Parent/Child, Teacher/Learner, Master/Servant, Fearful

  • Where does fear rank on that list?

Unfortunately, dead last.

  • Do you think you relate to God the way he relates to you?

No.  I think God sees me more of a child than a servant.

  • Does the idea of fearing God make you uncomfortable?

Yes.  But it is because I don’t quite have that balance figured out of fear/fear not.

  • What terrifies you?  Are you terrified of God?  Do you WANT to be?

I am terrified of hitting a pedestrian, losing a child, and losing my wife.  I am not as terrified of God as I should be.  I am not sure if I WANT to be terrified of God.

  • What would it take for you to be terrified of God?

I would have to understand and truly comprehend the magnitude of his power.  Or maybe just see him in person.

  • Is it possible to fear something so much you are paralyzed?


  • Can you be paralyzed and still know God?


  • Would you respond the was Isaiah did in Isaiah 6:5?

Yes.  Upon seeing God, I would probably understand immediately unworthy I was to have been in his presence.

  • Would the sight of Jesus standing before you cause you to fall to the floor as if you were dead?

I think so.

  • How would you react?

I would immediately start to worship.  Not singing songs, but more like a crying out of love and honor.

  • Do you have an arrogance when it comes to your relationship with God?

No.  I know I am totally depraved.

  • Do you believe the moment you see God you will fear him?

Yes.  We all will.  Not fearing comes from not understanding.

  • How did God calm Isaiah’s fear in Isaiah 6:5-7?

A seraphim came and touched Isaiah’s lips with a hot coal.  It was a response to Isaiah’s saying he had unclean lips.  It was a purification of his lips and a symbol of a forgiveness of sins.

  • Does God do the same for you?

Every single day.

  • How did Jesus calm John’s fear in Revelation 1:17?

Jesus touched him and said, “Do not be afraid.”  He calmed him and reassured him.

  • Does Jesus calm your fear?


  • Have you ever felt trapped by your fear, with seemingly nowhere to turn?

Yes.  Often I feel afraid and cannot find anywhere to turn.

  • Where did you turn?

Some of those times, I turn inward and relied on myself to figure things out.  Other times, I put it in the hands of Jesus and trusted it would all work out according to his plans.

  • Did you turn to the one you fear?


  • Do you see yourself as God’s child?  His friend?

I see myself more as his child than his friend.

  • Do you see yourself as part of the church, his bride?

I am very much a part of his church.  I am not exactly sure I fit anywhere yet, but I am a part of the body.

  • How would your life change if you saw yourself as God sees you?

Maybe.  I would probably be less apprehensive about things and quicker to loosen my grasp on things.

  • What will it take for you to exhale, to just let go?

I’m not sure I have a good answer for that.  I don’t feel like I am a control freak, but I do feel like God has given me very unique gifts and a unique vision.  I feel that if I don’t use it, it will be a waste.

  • Why haven’t you done it yet?

I probably haven’t let total control go, but I have a hard time finding the balance between using my gifts and letting God work.

  • How does being content feel like floating away?

Because you are willing to go where every God wants to take you.

  • How long are you able to stay that way?

Seemingly forever.

  • What stops you?

I am very unsure of where I should stop working and let God work.  Or how to do both.

  • Can you ask the Holy Spirit to give you a real, genuine fear of God?  Are you afraid to do that?

I can do that and probably should more often.  I am afraid.  But it makes me smile.

  • Do you want the kind of life God has for you?

I do.  More than anything.

  • What are you willing to do for that life?

Whatever is required of me.  Even if no one else understands it.

  • What will you do today to begin to seek that kind of life?

Listen to what God is telling me.

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