“There are millions of people on this earth who call themselves followers of Jesus but their lives look nothing like his and they are not obeying the things he called them to do. Yet, in their hearts they are convinced they are followers.” – Francis Chan

This quote really hit me hard.  So hard, I now have entered into a season of reflecting on whether or not I have been doing a good job of following Jesus.  I do good at following “the rules”.  I read my bible, I got to church, I pray, I tithe, I do all the things I am supposed to do….

But does any of that matter to Jesus?

The short answer is I’m not sure.  They are biblical things for sure.  But did Jesus place a value on them or did the disciples?  I think we often attribute the things Paul valued for the things Jesus valued.  The problem with doing that is we place the words of Paul on the same level of importance as the words of Jesus.  Doing so means Paul becomes our idol.

Let me clear something up.  I want to draw a clear line here.  I think we SHOULD do the things that Paul tell us to but I think we should make sure we are being obedient to Jesus before we are obedient to Paul.

As I have entered into this new season of discovery, I am not sure how all that plays out for me right now.

Here is what I do know.  I am a Christian.  I try to follow what I believe Jesus is laying before me.  I strive to be the person Jesus wants me to be.  I try to do what he says to do.  But even that reveals another question…do I even know what Jesus said to do?

I can quote you some Gary Vaynerchuk.  I can sing along to songs.  I can even tell you the next line in Caddyshack (seriously a great movie; you should watch it).  Can I honestly say that I know the words of Jesus like I know the words of Bill Murray?  No.  I feel a very strong personal conviction to fix that.

Please don’t hear what I am saying as “YOU need to fix it.”  I am just trying to talk it through in my own head (well in writing too).  I’m not saying you are wrong for why you believe what you believe or feeling the level of security you feel.  I’m saying I don’t feel those things right now.  I feel afloat; as if everything I was holding on to has suddenly ripped free from its footing.  I am still holding on to those things, but they aren’t grounded and aren’t holding me down anymore.

I see the things Jesus says to do and I wonder how good of a job I am doing in obeying.  I cannot seem to find any definitive resource for laying out the commands of Christ.  I have seen articles which say there are 42 command and some articles which say there are 67.  I would like to nail that number down.

As I struggle and process through what God is trying to teach me in this season, I hope you would follow along. I’d be glad to have you.

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