Can I Be Honest?

I’m scared.  I don’t mean, like, a little bit scared.  I mean I’m so scared that I want to quit.  But fear can’t stop me.  I’m in too deep.  That makes me smile.

See, I recently discovered that I thrive when I am thrust into the middle of a chaotic situation.  My brain is wired so that I instantly de-cluttering the mess and begin to construct a path towards clarity and organization.  It comes from many years of working in Law Enforcement.  For 14 years, I was thrust into the middle of a chaotic scene and I was forced to restore order and civility or it could become very dangerous for me and everyone else involved.  It was what I trained my brain to do.

Now that I don’t have the LE world to throw me into these situations, I have found that I sometimes put myself in them just to keep the muscles from atrophy.  Kinda sick huh?  It makes the truth no less true.

So I own a bus.  Well, not me but North Georgia Coffee Co (NoGaCoCo or NGCC from this point forward) owns a bus.  It is done at the mechanic today and is getting a final inspection on Monday.  Stuff just got real.  I’m into something for a substantial amount of money and now I MUST make it work.  I talked a bunch of smack up to this point.  “I know this, that, and the other…”, “I think we could do……”, “Well, when I have my own business I will do….”, well guess what?  It’s for real now!  It’s easy to talk a big game.  But like Eric Thomas says, “You can’t just talk about it, you gotta be about it!”

It’s time to be about it.  The days of dreaming are done.  They have to be.  My family’s ability to eat and be under a roof is going to depend on it.  The bus will be done Monday.  It was purchased knowing that some work needed to be performed on it.  It has less than 91,000 miles on it, which is nothing for a diesel, and won’t need any other major repairs for quite some time (hopefully).

I also brought on a business partner.  As much as I would like to say that I can handle all of the operations AND all the marketing of the business, the reality is that I just can’t.  I brought on someone who had both the capital and the marketing expertise to grow the online aspect of NoGaCoCo.  There will still be posts from me on the @northgeorgiacoffeeco social media pages, but the lion’s share will be handled by an expert.

We are transitioning from Etsy to Shopify.  Etsy has been good to me, but it is just time for the business to transition away from the platform to a more robust offering.  We have added 4 coffees to the lineup and worked in a robust back-end shipping client to the business.  We are now equipped to handle 10X the amount of orders than we were 2 weeks ago.

So I am scared.  This is the first time I have taken a business “full-time”.  I have always had a cushion to fall back on.  Not anymore.  It’s time for me to be about it.

1 thought on “Can I Be Honest?”

  1. Dude , I’m inspired ! Im in the same boat
    As a contractor , I’m not getting enough done and the work keeps pouring in .
    After reading this you made want to buy coffee ! I have been following you on IG. I’m ” only Woodard ” on IG .
    GO FOR IT ! God Speed !

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