Drowning In Paperwork

I really feel like no one prepared me for the amount of paperwork that I was going to encounter starting this business.  But that isn’t true.  I was told about the mountains of paperwork.  I knew it was going to be overwhelming.  But it has to be done.

Navigating the State of Georgia Health Code is rough.  Lots of technical terms and references to other parts of the code.  I was really swimming around trying to find something to cling to.  Then I found it; I needed to treat this project just like I would bid a truck.  I know that doesn’t make a whole bunch of sense to most people, but a part of my current job is to look at a bid package set out by a government agency and build them a truck based off their stated needs.  That is exactly how I approached this task.

I went line by line and wrote out how I intended to meet that particular requirement within the confines of my coffee truck.  Once I made order out of the chaos, the dominoes just started tumbling.  Next thing I know, it is 5 hours later and I have a complete 3 ring binder with everything I will need to meet with the health inspectors for an initial review on Wednesday.  I love it when I get to create order out of chaos.  Holdover from my Law Enforcement days.

So tomorrow (Tuesday), I am going to pick up the bus from the mechanic, rip out the seats, and start putting together the shelving.  I will order the sinks, water tanks, blender, espresso machine, and espresso grinder.  Going to wait to see if the health department will make me put a different floor down and a different material on the ceiling before I install the equipment.  That would SUCK to have to take out all the installed equipment to put down a new floor.

I had to make a sacrifice already however.  Until the web store gets re-launched and the truck is operational, I’m bleeding money.  My initial intent was to buy the whole year of vehicle insurance up front.  But that was going to take a big chunk of money.  So I opted to pay month to month.  It is $1 more but it allows for more cash flow.  Lack of cash flow will kill a business.  I want to take advantage of every opportunity to stay alive.

So it’s a big week coming up.  Lots needs to be done and foresee a few long nights ahead.

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