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“Be kind for every man is fighting a hard battle.” – Ian MacLaren

You never know what impact your actions might have on another person.  It seems as if we spend so much of our time these days fighting with other people.  We make a statement, someone makes a counter-statement, and then the defending of positions and opinions commences. Usually it end with neither side being convinced of the other point of view.  Those moments are wasted.

Every interaction you have with someone is an opportunity to have a big impact on the person’s life.  It could be a simple “Hello!” and a hearty handshake.  I could be a smile and a kind word.  It could be buying the coffee of the person behind you. You never know the impact your kind gesture has on another person.

The fifth value of The Oak House is Every Moment Matters: We believe in seizing every opportunity to make an impact.  Life is short folks.  We only get about 78 years on average.  But you could get hit by a bus today and POOF!, it’s all over.  Every single moment of your life matters.  You MUST be intentional about the things you do otherwise you will find yourself laying in bed, dying, and regretting the things you didn’t do.

This value is probably the one that gets me going the most.  I have told many people (especially ones who are late to meetings), “I can lose all of my money.  I can go totally broke and everything can be taken from me.  I can get it all back.  Everything except my time.  I can NEVER get my time back.  My time is the most important thing to me.  Don’t waste it.”  I know it sounds harsh, but it is true.  I can get all my stuff back.  I can NEVER get my time back.

Moments matter.  Every single one of them.  You should be living your life with intentionality.  Play the long game.  Don’t just think about the next 5 minutes or 5 days.  Think about the next 5 years or 5 decades (if you have that long).  Have a plan for what you want to do with your life.  Work that plan.  Change it if you have to, but always be moving towards your goal.  Don’t stop chasing your goals until you meet them.

Other people matter.  I cannot wait until people become civilized on social media again.  I cringe so much at the thought of engaging with people on Facebook I rarely even read anything on it anymore.  So much hate.  So many people think their feelings matter and should be of greater weight than truth.  Ugh.  It has become popular to be hateful on social media.  That is sad.  We are wasting moments to have a positive impact on other people by engaging in this behavior.  Can we just stop it?

We have the ability to make a positive impact on everyone we meet.  Let’s make the commitment to seize every single moment and leverage it to make someone smile today.

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