I have been in the process of trying to find and hire a commercial contractor for the past 5 weeks.  I foolishly assumed we would have one in just 2-3 weeks.  I didn’t know we were in one of the busiest construction seasons we have seen since the ’08 recession.  I didn’t understand most commercial contractors snub their noses at any job with a budget of less than $300,000.00.  I also didn’t understand the extended timeframes everyone had.  My failure to be properly prepared for these issues has caused me some frustration.  After fighting through the no-shows and no-calls, we have finally found a contractor willing to take such a small job and can do it in a timely fashion.

I like being able to see the progress.  I feel so far behind in this venture already, I couldn’t have taken it much longer.  So Sunday afternoon was spend cleaning out the rooms we will be changing.  The flooring crew should be here on Tuesday to start taking up the floor and grinding it flat.  Demo of the existing walls will start as soon as they are done.  There is a slight bottleneck with the contractor getting permits pulled and dumpsters on site.  Communication hasn’t been as smooth as I would hope for it to be and we have things up in the air until those permits get pulled and dumpsters show up.

As stressful as it is during the beginning stages of construction, it will level off and things will start running a bit more smoothly.  It won’t be 100% without hiccups, but we can deal with those as they come up.  I run a tight ship (as my contractor is finding out) so I expect I will continue to be demanding throughout this entire process.  One of my biggest challenges has been in the area of volunteers.  We had several people sign up to help do the demo part of this renovation but, wouldn’t you know it, almost all are completely unavailable this week.  Those kinds of issues are always the biggest challenge with volunteers because NO ONE is as invested into The Oak House as I am.  I will sacrifice for it to make it happen and I shouldn’t expect others to do the same.  It is MY dream.  It is MY goal.  I can’t expect anyone else to care about my dream like I care about my dream.

As things progress, I will continue to document everything.  Stay tuned.

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