I have wanted to do a speak-easy style event at The Oak House for a while now.  Nothing big or fancy; just a dozen or so people who come together for a taste testing of the drinks we will be featuring.  One of the obstacles to getting these started is putting together the right people.  I want it to be carefully curated in the beginning but allow it to grow organically after a few months.  I want there to be a good fit from those who are the early participants.

Doing a speak-easy or invite only tasting style event will allow me to experiment with 2 things.  The first is I can experiment with creating a community of people.  The second is I can experiment with recipes and have several opinions on each recipe before we put it out to the public.  I feel more drawn to the first experiment than I do the second.

I know my normal coffee recipes are solid.  Those foundational drinks are simple and are easily replicated.  My cold brew concoctions are a different story and it excites me to test them on the public.  I can do the coffee thing.  My challenge is to see if I can build a community.

Community building has consumed me lately.  I have started to consume as much media on the topic as I can.  I thought there would be more resources available to learn about building community.  Seems as if I am having to cobble the content together to get it to apply to what I am looking to do.

Maybe there is an opportunity in the lack of resources.  😉

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