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The new website is LIVE!  Etsy was good to us, but now that we are up on the new platform, the robustness of it and ability to integrate multiple platforms is incredible.  So it is adios Etsy!  Head over to and take a look at the new packaging and new ordering process.  We even offer a subscription option!  Huge shout out to the team for getting stuff done in a hurry!

There has been some good progress on the truck.  It is no longer a bus, it is now the NoGaCoCo truck.  Sinks are plumbed, freshwater tank is installed, and the plumbing to the grey water tank and water heater are ready to hook up as soon as they get in.  Tomorrow I am headed to Peachtree City (south of Atlanta) to get the commercial fridge.  Friday, I am getting the espresso machine, espresso grinder, and generator.  I will be ready to sell by this weekend!

One thing that I will be doing that I am excited to do is building a sound box to go around the generator.  A 6500 watt generator is VERY loud.  Like over 80 decibels.  It has to be made quieter.  I will be putting on a muffler and building the sound box to bring it down to about 60 decibels.  It will be much quieter.  The trick to a good sound box is to make sure there is plenty of airflow.  Too much heat in the box and the generator will malfunction.  That is simply not an option.  I have done a ton of research and found a solution that will for well for what we are doing.

I am so excited to get the truck done and the website rocking and rolling.  Once word starts to spread about what we are doing and our level of commitment to being eco-conscious, there will be no stopping this train.  Our bags will be 60% recycled paper and 40% plastic with an additive to make it break down 80% faster than normal plastic.  Our labels will be made of stone instead of paper.  STONE!!! Printing on this material takes less ink because there is nothing lost to absorbing paper.  Our packaging will be unmatched anywhere in the southeast!

Lots of big things are coming folks.  Come on along for the ride!

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