I have focused quite a bit on the benefits of churches embracing the coworking space model as a method of connecting with the community, today I want to explain the benefits of having a church meet in your coworking space.

I am going to save some folks some time and say if your space doesn’t have several meeting rooms available, you should probably not continue reading this.  You will see why later.

Speaking strictly from a business sense, it is a nice stream of revenue for your space.  If you have a large enough space to hold about 250 people and set up some portable staging, you will be the answer to some portable church’s prayers.  They will HAPPILY pay you to meet in that space as long as the price is right.  You have everything a church needs.  Space.  And wifi.  One of the biggest reasons why a church needs to get a bigger space isn’t because they run out of space in the worship center; it is because they run out of kid’s space.

Now this kind of arrangement will obviously only work if you have several meeting rooms on location (see, told you if you didn’t have meeting rooms you should stop reading).  A church of about 300 will have 75 kids (around 25%) and they need space.  More importantly, they need secure space.

Churches also take care of their stuff; especially portable churches.  They know how expensive good equipment is and they will treat your expensive stuff like their expensive stuff.  You won’t have to worry about someone being careless with your space.

There is also the aspect of built-in marketing you will get from the church advertising they meet in your space.  Where else are you going to get free advertising to a group of local people who already have a common interest in your space.  Also, you know that every single week, you will have 200-300 target customers coming in to your space and seeing the place.  That’s a low-cost of acquisition for you if they sign up for a membership.  All you did was be willing to be unconventional in the use of your space and BOOM!

The amount of integrity the staff of the church will have in their dealings is second to none.  Business people can be all over the spectrum of honesty, morals, and ethics.  You’re not going to have to worry about a church stealing your stuff.  God kinda looks down on that stuff.

If the staff is lean at the church, they will undoubtedly buy a membership to your space because they need places to meet people.

I know there is some concerns about renting your space to a church.  In all reality, the IRS views churches like non-profits.  It could also be a nice little tax advantage at the end of the year.  Let the church think like a church.  You think like a businessperson.

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