The Mirror Effect.

Example is more powerful than words because doing is better than saying.  People say things they neither mean no think are true.  Talk is cheap.  People talk about doing things all the time.  Ideas are crap.  Execution is where it’s at.  Put your money where your mouth is and do what you say you will do.

The mirror effect is constantly at work in that we are always becoming more like those people with whom we surround ourselves.  There is a theory floating around about how we become the average of our 5 closest friends.  If that is true, we need to constantly be evaluating how, and with whom, we spend our time.

Right now I am mirroring an eclectic blend of people.  From a rock star businessman to a pastor who tries every day to simply prove God’s love to others.  I have tried to be very intentional about those I place around me in this season of life.  It is an odd balance I am trying to achieve and if I give the wrong person a seat at the table of influence, it could be disastrous.

I know my kids and my wife are mirroring me.  I can most assuredly see my habits and attitudes in my 13-year-old.  As he becomes more of a man, I see both my good and bad traits becoming more evident in his daily life.  I also see some other extended family members reflecting me in their lives.

The positive qualities I possess are a good judgement, decisiveness, dependability, initiative, integrity, tact, enthusiasm, unselfishness, courage, endurance, and passion.

The negative qualities I possess are I can be prideful, I am impatient, I do not suffer fools well, I am driven beyond a healthy level, and I struggle to slow down.

This unique blend of positive and negative qualities make me who I am.  I try to be “all in” on my strengths and not give too much bandwidth to my weaknesses, but I know they need attention to be kept in check.

As I work through my next book for the year (#18 unless I finish another one beforehand), I will be journaling my answers to the book “Habitudes: Images that form leadership habits & attitudes”.  This particular book is the 3rd in the series.  You can read the other posts in this series here.

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