Did you know Star Trek was a flop when it first aired back in September of 1966?  People weren’t really that into it.  Ratings were mediocre and no real increase in viewership happened season over season.  So the 5 year mission of the USS Enterprise was cut short to only 3 years when the series was cancelled.  Then Neil Armstrong landed on the moon.  Suddenly, people couldn’t get enough of watching Captain Kirk lead his people to “boldly go where no man has gone before.”

Management and leadership are two different things.  Management is the maintaining of the status quo.  Leadership is to “boldly go where no man has gone before.”  There is a place for both methods, but leadership can only be carried out by someone with a compass in their head and a magnet in their heart.

Going first is hard.  Leading is wrought with tough things like when Moses encountered the burning bush and he learned he was going to lead the Israelites out of Egypt.  He had to have thought he was crazy!  He saw a bush on fire that wasn’t consumed.  Then it started talking to him.  Even worse, he was talking back to it.

Being first is tough.  Esther had a choice to make in being a leader as well.  She could either confront the king about his decree to kill all the Jews or she could sentence all of her family to death.  Gideon faced a similar challenge when he was called to lead the army against the Midianites.  Being the first at something usually seems like a tough thing.

However, being first can also be rewarding.  Like when Joseph interpreted Pharaoh’s dream and was rewarded with a Governorship. David was rewarded by seeing Goliath fall at his feet when he was brave enough to be the first person to fight against him. There can be challenges but the rewards can be much greater.

With The Oak House, I am leading people in to new territory.  No one has created a community like I am trying to create; not in this area anyhow.  I am setting a high standard for those who are going to follow me on this journey.  Undoubtedly, they will have to stretch themselves to get where I need them to be.  Seeing how far I need them to come can be discouraging to some people, but the right people will rise to the challenge.  Those are the ones I want with me.

As I work through my next book for the year (#18 unless I finish another one beforehand), I will be journaling my answers to the book “Habitudes: Images that form leadership habits & attitudes”.  This particular book is the 3rd in the series.  You can read the other posts in this series here.

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