I’ve been going through a bout of lack of inspiration when I write.  Today is not really any different.  It is a “mail it in” kinda day.  I am not sure why I haven’t been feeling inspired.  Probably because I have put in 12 hour days for the last couple weeks and haven’t been spending any time unplugging or recharging my batteries.

Doing things that refresh you is important.  Not only to yourself, but to those around you.  If you want to keep emptying your glass and filling up others, you need to make sure your glass is getting refilled regularly as well.  I am usually pretty good about making sure that happens, but the craziness of getting The Oak House open has been hindering.

Today is a good day to take advantage of nothing happening and just unplugging for the day.  I think I’ll start doing it right now.

Categories: Mailing it in

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